Beautiful Colombian Gigantic rock

TopOOps • 7th May 2015

Main attraction in the town of Guatape, Colombia is the gigantic rock, visible pretty much anywhere you are in the city. The Rock of Guatapé is 7,005 ft. high and provides 659 steps for visitors to climb to the top. This massive stone was formed millions of years ago. The Tahamies Indians, former inhabitants of this region, worshiped the rock. They called it in their language “mojarrá” or “mujará” (rock or stone).

The rock was first climbed officially on July 1954. In 2006, Luis Villegas, Pedro Nel Ramírez and Ramón Díaz climbed the rock in a five-day endeavor, using sticks that were fixed against the rock’s wall.

via Wiki , My modern met